Another Positive Covid-19 Test at Dynamo

Dynamo Dresden received news Thursday of a new positive from their fifth round of Covid-19 tests, as announced on the club’s website.

The club has already had to watch the 2. Bundesliga’s matchday 26 without them, as the club has been forced into extended quarantine due to earlier cases of the virus. The person who tested positive is described as non-player personnel with close contact to the team. The person, as well as anyone with whom he or she had been in contact must remain in quarantine for a further 14 days.

The remaining players and staff have all tested negative in consecutive rounds of tests and can resume training on Saturday, May 23. The three players who had previously tested positive are among those cleared for resumption of training.

Once cleared to play, the relegation-threatened club will face a packed schedule, playing nearly every three days in order to finish the season, starting with a visit from VfB Stuttgart on May 31.


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